Ball Studs and Accessories. SPD Ball Studs mate with ball cup end fittings to mount gas springs in place. The ball size must match between both the end fittings and the ball stud for proper installation. Ball Studs attach by different means depending on the application (weld on, rivet on, thread in).
Replacement 10mm, Zinc-plated Ball Stud. Easily installs into a 5/16" hole. Install 5/16"-18 locking nut not included. (See Add Ons)
This is a simple 10mm Ball stud with serrated lock nut. - files Made from sterling silver stamped with a 925 metal mark, each ball has a 10mm diameter. Measuring 2.1cm from front to back, these ball studs are easily secured in place by butterfly backs. Read more
Ball studs are used in assemblies that require repeated engagement and disengagement. They allow the user to connect a variety of associated parts. Applications include requirements where a threaded ball stud is used in a custom ball joint or rod end linkage assembly. Other applications include threaded ball studs being used for mounting ...
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